In Memory

Jerry Goodman

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11/27/13 10:49 AM #2    

Lynne Katsafouros (Friedman)

I am also saddened by Jerry's passing

He was talented and had a great sense of humor.

I use to enjoy hanging out with him and Sandy.



11/27/13 10:59 AM #3    

Paul (Bud) Falcone

Sorry to hear about Jerry's passing. My memories of Jerry are of him always with a smile, friendly and of acting together in the Jr Class Play where I got to know even better. May God be with you.

11/28/13 11:43 AM #4    

Marc Goldfinger

I remember Jerry Goodman was bright, always had a great sense of humor and never said negative things about anybody.  Hell, he even liked me.  And I didn't hang in his crowd.  Jerry Goodman was like his name--a Good Man.

12/02/13 11:28 AM #5    

Kathryn Bravakis (Yatrakis)

I was so very sorry to learn about Jerry's death.  I have fond memories of being in the play My Three Angels with Jerry who was one of the leads and the lifeforce of the production.  I can't say that I 'acted' in the play because I immediately knew, despite Mr. Furst's supportive words, that acting would never be a career path for me.  Jerry, on the other hand, was a natural.  I always thought he would grow up to be another 'Mr. Furst', and it looks like he did.  Rest in Peace, Jerry.

12/02/13 04:49 PM #6    

Susan Joralemon (Hout)

I remember Jerry as a young man who always had a kind word for anyone he met in the school hallways.  He smiled with sincerity and always looked in your eyes when doing so.  Jerry had a great sense of humor and I certainly enjoyed his zany comments in homeroom every year.  When I think of Jerry, I have a smile in my heart. 

12/03/13 09:58 AM #7    

Pete Contuzzi

I also have fond memories of being in the senior play with Jerry.  The rest of us were just students trying to act, playing a role, as inexpertly as we often did in the playing of our "teenager roles."  Jerry instead brought his character to life because he was a natural, not just on stage, but in real life.  He found his way sooner than most of the rest of us, producing the smile and good nature we all appreciated.  A gentle and talented man has passed, but i'm glad he passed our way early on. 

12/04/13 12:14 AM #8    

Marilyn Price

I was very sorry to hear that Jerry had passed way too soon.  We became friends working on the 2 class plays together and more recently we kept in touch on

In 1968 I was traveling through Tennessee and driving down a street in Nashville.  I stopped at a red light, looked over at the corner and saw Jerry standing there about to cross the street!!!  It was completely amazing.  I pulled over and we talked for a while.  He said that he was attending Vanderbilt University in Nashville at that time and our paths just crossed.  He will be missed.

12/04/13 10:06 PM #9    

Alice Verhoeven

I too am so sorry to hear of Jerry's passing.  I have fond memories of him in our junior class play - he was talented, funny and so kind.  My thoughts and prayers go out to his family. 

12/05/13 05:36 AM #10    

Lisa Silverberg (Clarkson)

I have been forwarding all remembrances of Jerry to his daughter Aline who is very touched by all our comments about her beloved dad... 

12/05/13 10:38 AM #11    

Dee Schrank (Cohen)

Jerry will be remembered certainly for his fine acting but also because he was a mensch--a truly decent guy as well as warm, funny, friendly and personable.  So good to hear that he was able to persue his passion in his career and that he shared his life with family. May his memory be a blessing to all who were lucky to know him.

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